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The Railway Heritage Committee is chaired by Peter Ovenstone, otherwise Company Secretary of the Heritage Railway Association.

The Deputy Chairman is Sir Howard Newby KB CBE, otherwise Vice-Chancellor of the University of Liverpool.

There are 6 other members, drawn from the railway industry, the record offices, the museums world, the heritage railway sector - and from amongst individual railway historians.

Members are appointed by the Secretary of State for Transport. It is the responsibility of the Secretary of State to provide reasonable administrative and secretarial support.

Peter Ovenstone

Peter Ovenstone,

Sir Howard

Sir Howard Newby KB CBE

Representative members
Helen Ashby OBE, National Railway Museum
Dr David Brown, National Archives of Scotland
Jeremy Swift, The railway industry *

Individual members
Peter Ovenstone - see above
Sir Howard Newby KB CBE - see above
Mike Lamport
Jonathan Pepler
Graham Smith MBE


Jeremy Swift employed by Network Rail Infrastructure Ltd.


Four sub-committees are established...

Artefacts Sub-committee
Sir Howard Newby KB CBE, CHAIRMAN
Helen Ashby OBE
Ian Brown CBE
Mike Lamport
Peter Ovenstone
Jeremy Swift

Appointed additionally:
Bob Ballard, David Bladen, Tim Bryan, Christopher Fildes OBE, Gareth Jones, Aidan Nelson, Andrew Scott CBE, Mark Whitmore

Records Sub-committee
Jonathan Pepler, CHAIRMAN
Chris Austin OBE
Dr David Brown
Peter Ovenstone (ex officio)
Graham Smith MBE

Appointed additionally
Justin Cavernelis-Frost, Dr Elizabeth Hallam Smith, Dieter Hopkin, Carl Newton, Tim Procter, Roderick Shelton, Peter Trewin

Scottish Sub-committee
Dr David Brown, CHAIRMAN
Sir Howard Newby KB CBE
Peter Ovenstone
Jonathan Pepler

Appointed additionally
Ed Bartholomew
Louise Innes
Bob Gardiner
Peter Ramsay
John Yellowlees

Appointments Sub-committee

Peter Ovenstone, CHAIRMAN
Dr David Brown
Jonathan Pepler
Sir Howard Newby KB, CBE